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Xperia visual difference LWP

Xperia visual difference LWP
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Live Wallpaper

This free live wallpaper is inspired by the Sony Xperia, Xperia perfect display of the app is built eight natural landscape plans, coupled with the effect of the suspension of the photon, shake your phone appear different visual effects worse, swipe the screen release photons.The landscape plan includes: green jungle, sunset, autumn lake, blue mist, cloudy lake mountain ash, golden fields of wheat, purple sky, red rock, white world.I hope you will like it!

Features: 1. Natural landscape

2. Suspended photon
3. Photons can set properties
4. Gestures screen
5. The visual difference

Download Embellishments Xperia visual difference LWP on android for free

23 Mar80


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